Policies — Visiting Students

Washington University School of Medicine provides students with a supportive, stimulating and challenging environment in which to acquire a thorough foundation in scientific medicine and develop the skills, professional attitudes and personal commitments necessary for the practice of medicine at the highest possible level of excellence. In addition, the medical school fosters a commitment to collegiality and respect of individuality. While you are a visiting medical student we expect that you will review and agree to follow School of Medicine policies. Please take a moment to review our policies for medical students on the Bulletin of the School of Medicine website. 

Visiting Student Absence Policy

Each student is expected to participate fully in all activities during the elective experience. If a student is ill or has a personal emergency, the elective course director’s office and the clinical team’s resident supervisor should be notified on the morning of the absence. The absence policy for clinical electives, as mandated by the School of Medicine’s Curriculum Evaluation Committee, permits missing no more than three days within a four-week rotation.

Visiting Student Cancellation Policy

One month’s notice is required for withdrawal from an elective. Visiting students who wish to cancel an elective rotation must notify the Electives Office via email and withdraw all VSAS applications.