Dual Degree Options

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Several dual degree and year-long programs are available in the areas of clinical investigation, population health sciences, public health, business administration, applied health behavior research and biostatistics. Students interested in pursuing any dual degree option, including the Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD), can find further information via the Degree Programs page.

Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP): 

Starting in 2020, students who matriculate into the MSTP program will participate in the MSTP thread during Phase 1. These sessions will occur alongside the Explore Program’s Noon Conferences. The MSTP thread is a new component of MSTP training developed in parallel to the School of Medicine’s curriculum renewal. The core objectives of the MSTP Thread are to:

  1. Promote scientific curiosity by introducing MSTs (Medical Scientist Trainees) to landmark research that underlies the textbook knowledge presented in the Gateway curriculum.
  2. Explore what it means to ‘think’ like a scientist by modeling scientific discovery and teaching students to critically evaluate published manuscripts.

We hope that our lectures energize students to think about and question the knowledge they’re learning, leaving students inspired to conduct research.

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