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Poster presentations are a concise, cost-effective, and convenient way to participate in scientific discourse.

The Annual Research Training Symposium and Poster Session showcases research projects performed by junior faculty, fellows, and students in our research training programs. Presenting a poster offers participants the opportunity to present their research to a wide audience and receive feedback from mentors, colleagues, and peers. (See photos from past poster sessions.)

1.  Make your poster

Follow these steps to create your poster:

Size it correctly

The height and width of your poster should be 42 inches high by 42 inches wide (42” x 42”). This is a square format. Posters exceeding these dimensions will not be displayed.

View and download Poster Template »

Keep it concise and easy to follow

Title and author information

Include large enough to read from a few feet away:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Institution/Department
Key points from abstract

Abstract information should be 24-point font size or larger (bigger is better). Do not include your entire abstract word-for-word. Your poster should highlight the key points of your abstract, not copy it verbatim.

Flow diagrams, figures and tables

Where appropriate, use high-resolution photographs and clear graphics to enhance readability.


List references smaller than the rest of the poster text, but no smaller than a 12-point font size (18 is better).


Thank your research mentors and funding sources.

Group information logically

The layout of the poster sections or panels should lead the reader through the information in a logical progression. Typically, panels are read from top left to bottom right, grouped under headings much like the abstract:

  • Introduction (or Background)
  • Methods
  • Results (or Anticipated Results)
  • Conclusions (or Discussion)

Use the official School of Medicine logo

If including a School of Medicine logo, please download the official logo file and follow the guidelines provided by the Office of Brand Management.

 2.  Print your poster

We recommend printing your poster at the FedEx Office in The Link (Medical School Campus) before October.

4939 Children’s Place Suite 2231
St. Louis, MO 63110

(314) 367-2626

The printing cost at the School of Engineering is about $50. 

Kinkos is another option for printing posters, but will likely be more expensive.

Typically your PI pays for you to print your poster. If your PI is paying for your poster, you will need the Department Name, the Department #, the Account # (if the poster will be charged to a fund or a grant), and the Department Contact information.

If your PI doesn’t have funds available for poster printing, please contact Roz Robinson for instructions.

3.  Present your poster

You will receive an email from Roz Robinson with instructions about when you can post your poster in FLTC.

You will also be notified of when you may pick up your poster, which you can keep for future meetings.