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Research electives for credit are available for all fourth-year medical students.

Length of Program: 6-12 weeks.

Funding: No remuneration is allowed for electives that are taken for academic credit. Payment or acceptance of a scholarship or stipend outside of a financial aid award for an elective for academic credit is prohibited.

Description: To qualify for the Doctor of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, students are required to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 36 weeks of clinical or research electives in the fourth (final) year. Research electives must:

  • be sponsored by a designated investigator who will outline the project, oversee the student’s progress and evaluate the student’s performance
  • be accomplished while the student is enrolled at WUSM
  • be a project in which the student has worked full-time for a total of at least six weeks. Research electives are on a full-time, daily basis. There is no thesis requirement.

Application: Students desiring research work should arrange this with the appropriate faculty member and must file a Research Elective form with the Curriculum Office at least one month before the research is to begin. For questions relating to scheduling of fourth-year plans, contact:

Electives Office

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