Asian-Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

The Asian-Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) is dedicated to advocating quality health care for the Asian-Pacific American (APA) community, increasing awareness of APA health issues, providing resources and outreach opportunities for APA medical students, and celebrating the diversity of Asian cultures. Activities include:

  • Health advocacy initiatives for issues and diseases particularly relevant to APAs in the community: APAMSA plans and volunteers at screenings directed towards the APA community at cultural centers, language schools and ethnic churches.
  • A student-run MedChinese program: This program aims to help students become more comfortable discussing health issues in Mandarin and work toward developing the skills necessary to perform a history and physical exam in Mandarin.
  • National and regional conferences with outstanding speakers to further explore the state of APA health, particularly in the recent climate of health care reform: APAMSA sets aside a travel budget each year to subsidize students who attend these conferences. These conferences are great opportunities for members to get involved with leadership on the national level and to meet APA medical students from around the country.
  • Student/faculty dinners in small groups to foster a relationship between APA physicians at Washington University and medical students: These informal gatherings are great opportunities to ask questions about APAs in medicine, make connections with faculty, and gain a deeper appreciation for the health challenges facing APAs in the St. Louis area.
  • Cultural events: APAMSA celebrates Asian cultures with the entire medical school community through cultural events such as the annual Diwali and Lunar New Year Festivals. These shows, with delicious food and student-choreographed dances and performances, are always popular with the Wash U community!


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