Community CPR

Basic knowledge of how to respond in a medical emergency is important for all members of the community. However, little health education is available to residents of St. Louis city. The Community CPR program is entering its eighth year of teaching free CPR and first-aid classes to fill this need in our neighboring communities. With a growing base of resources and instructors, the program also has assumed the role of teaching CPR classes for fellow medical students, both as enrichment/refresher courses and as part of the formal curriculum.

First-year medical students are trained as instructors of American Red Cross CPR and first aid. Classes teach the layperson to recognize when an emergency has occurred, to activate the professional emergency response system, and to provide basic care for injury and sudden illness, including basic life support in case of cardiac or respiratory emergency. Classes for medical students teach similar skills but are geared to the level of the health care provider. Instructors are free to organize classes at the community locations of their choice, focusing on sites immediately surrounding the medical school.


Ali Houston-Ludlum: