Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group (PMRIG)

The PM&R interest group was formed to expose medical students to this exciting specialty and to inform as well as support students who are interested in learning about Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. PM&R is a specialty that has significant interaction with many different specialties including neurology, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, trauma surgery, and cardiology, among others, in caring for patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. We believe students will benefit from knowing more about what the field of PM&R can offer to their future patients. Many medical students will not get the opportunity to rotate with any PM&R physicians, so our lunch talk can inform students about the nature of the specialty and the patient populations to which PM&R doctors provide care. We also provide students with volunteer opportunities in sports team coverage (both adaptive sports and otherwise). PM&R doctors rely on their physical exam skills to diagnose many conditions and perform many diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Physical exam and procedure nights can help all students improve their MSK and neurologic exams and help expose them to the various procedures within PM&R.


Carly Duncan:
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