Students Teaching AIDS to Students (STATS)

The Students Teaching AIDS to Students (STATS) program is a medical student organization dedicating to promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and education throughout the St. Louis community. The program originated more than 20 years ago as a medical student response to the need to educate adolescents about HIV and AIDS. Prevention is the only cure for the current AIDS epidemic, and education is the first step in prevention.

We emphasize HIV prevention through several activities that include a teaching program at local high schools as well as an AIDS Wellness Day program at the the medical campus. Last year, our message reached more than 600 students at two local high schools. Our curriculum utilizes interactive games as well as a visit to the classroom by a person living with HIV. Survey analysis has demonstrated that our program improves students’ long-term knowledge about HIV/AIDS by as much as 25 percent. We have expanded our AIDS Wellness Day curriculum to include information about other sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.


Christine Ma: christinekma@wustl.eduv