Washington University Medical Plunge (WUMP)

Washington University Medical Plunge (WUMP) is a week-long introduction to public health in St. Louis held during orientation for the incoming first-year students. WUMP hopes to inspire first-year students to reach out and work with community members and organizations to make a difference in St. Louis. WUMP participants are given the opportunity to learn about the various factors influencing the health of people within St. Louis, speak with community leaders, visit and volunteer at community-based non-profit organizations, and shadow physicians who work within the public health field. Topics addressed during WUMP include adolescent health, women’s health, sexual health, nutrition, youth violence, the built environment, refugees, and care of the un-/underinsured.


Favour Akinjiyan – Student Coordinator: a.favour@wustl.edu
Adam Liebendorfer – Student Coordinator: aliebendorfer@wustl.edu
Christopher Noda – Student Coordinator: cnoda@wustl.edu
Office of Diversity Programs: medschooldiversity@wusm.wustl.edu