Coping During COVID-19

If you feel the need for a little extra support during COVID-19, you’re not alone — and WashU Med has you covered. Check out our resources for virtual wellness, fun, learning and human connection.

Student organization virtual programming

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  • Bullet item with a link
  • Bullet item with a link
  • Bullet item with a link
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Social Media

  • WUMS Well Instagram page (managed by students, highlights well-being; has ‘day in the quarantine life’ by students, faculty ‘takeovers’)
  • WUMS Well Twitter Account (not yet created but will be)

Tell Your Story

  • I will reach out to Craig Pearson, student, who has done work with COVID narrative storytelling
  • Possible submission link; also link to his podcast, and stories


  • Social programming highlights
  • Society Cup Point accruals and events

Peer Advocate Program contact



  • I can ask students to vet ideas and come up with top 5?  i.e. BGSU site has Scrabble Online

Music (Photo?)

  • Join a Virtual Choir twitter account reference
  • Watch Met Opera On Demand
  • We launched a YouTube Channel! Musicians in Medicine .. students and faculty have a space to share their amazing musical talents, and use those talents as an outlet to find some peace and reprieve. Embed playlist?
  • Virtual Concerts links (BGSU)

Virtual Tours (BGSU site) (Link to child page if there are many links here)

Staying Active (Items with photos?)

  • Weekly meditation, I will confirm when this is, who is delivering, and include a link
  • Physical activity links (I like the ones the BGSU site promotes – I will reach out to students and come up with a top 3) – also, we may be continuing our own virtual weekly physical workout.  I will confirm when this is, who is delivering and include a link


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  • The COVID Med. education page
  • COVID Volunteering opportunity
  • The main COVID page