Career development resources help students explore and define their own individual career interests, goals, and aspirations.

Career & professional development framework

The Gateway Curriculum takes an innovative approach toward supporting students as they navigate the three phases of medical school.

  • The Coaching program pairs students with a faculty Coach who works to enhance student success in medical school by monitoring progress, providing guidance and fostering skills in self-directed learning. In addition, coaches work with students to ensure students have adequate opportunity to experience various career opportunities, including both clinical specialties and other academic pursuits such as the EXPLORE program.
  • The EXPLORE program in the Gateway Curriculum is a formalized approach to career development that helps WashU MD students find their niche in academic medicine in any of four pathways—Advocacy/Global Health, Education, Innovation, and Research. EXPLORE connects students to physician role models and mentors, creates opportunity for scholarship in any of the four pathways, and provides core training in the respective career pathway. Use the EXPLORE menu on the left to learn more about each pathway.

School of Medicine Career Counseling Office

The Career Counseling Office works closely with School of Medicine students to explore the possibilities around graduate medical training and medical careers. The office helps students articulate their personal strengths and interests, assess their competitiveness, and determine their “best fit” medical specialty or career choice. Along the way, the Career Counseling Office guides students through the residency application and interviewing processes with the goal of helping them successfully Match into their preferred residency position.

Visit the Career Counseling Office for a timeline, overview of medical specialties, and further resources.