Faculty and staff in many offices across the school are here to meet your needs, academically and beyond.

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Career Counseling

The Career Counseling Office assists medical students in choosing their career paths and in preparing for and completing the residency application process.

Diversity Programs

The Office of Diversity Programs enhances the MD program educational environment through a variety of programs and services aimed at recruiting a diverse student body, enhancing cultural competence and providing opportunities for community service.

Office of Education

The Office of Education supports the medical school’s teaching mission. It represents and advocates for medical education while supporting leadership and programmatic development in education, educational scholarship and administration.

Medical Student Admissions

MD Admissions handles all admissions services for the MD Program, including applications, applicant interviews, and campus visits.

Medical Student Affairs

The Office of Medical Student Affairs supports medical student well-being and professional and personal development. Its services include academic support (advising, mentoring, tutoring), mental and physical wellness support services, and administrative support for all student organizations.

Medical Student Education

The Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE) oversees the curriculum for the MD Program at Washington University School of Medicine. Its Electives Division serves visiting students. The Educational Technology and Innovation Unit (ETIU) serves the MD Program community.

Medical Student Research

The Office of Medical Student Research helps interested medical students find a research project and mentor that meet their personal goals.


The Office of the Registrar manages registration, payment of tuition and fees, financial accounts, transcript and certification requests, and distribution of student carrels, lockers and mailboxes.

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services is dedicated to providing personalized assistance that serves the unique financial needs of each School of Medicine Student.

Student Government

Medical Student Government (MSG) acts as a liaison between the medical student body and the school’s administration. MSG addresses student concerns and is responsible for advancing student interests and welfare— academically and in extracurricular pursuits.

Student Health Services

Medical students receive health care from the Student Health Services division of Student and Occupational Health Services. The office provides a full range of primary care medical services, mental health services, and health promotion and wellness services. Clinical staff consists of physicians, nurses, psychologists and administrative staff.

Additional services

For a curated list of services for medical students, please visit the School of Medicine website’s Information for Current Students page, which covers:

  • Academic Departments
  • Academic Support
  • Degree and Training Programs
  • Directories
  • Facilities
  • Lactation Rooms
  • Offices
  • Transportation

For a comprehensive services, list, please visit the A to Z index.