Start a Group

Proposed new student groups are first vetted by Medical Student Government, then by Dean Lisa Moscoso, MD, PhD. Once a group is approved, the Office of Student Affairs provides administrative and financial support.

Step 1: Contact Medical Student Government (MSG) to propose your new group.

Step 2: If MSG approves your group, contact Dean Lisa Moscoso, MD, PhD, at or 362-6843 for her consideration.

Step 3: If Dean Moscoso approves your group, OSA will provide the following services:

  • Assist in choosing and recruiting a faculty advisor
  • Provide funding through our office or suggest other funding sources (e.g. Alumni Association)
  • Offer advice for accomplishing administrative tasks and overall goals
  • Book on-campus meeting spaces on request
  • Post group events on MedPortal on request
  • Offer a web presence for your group on the OSA website

Group Requirements

All groups must provide

  • Description and contact information to be posted on the OSA website.
  • Yearly list of accomplishments
  • For Service Learning Opportunities, a preparation guide, curricula, evaluation and reflection