Student well-being is priority No. 1 at the School of Medicine. A host of resources are available to meet your needs.

Dis-Orientation Guide

Written by students for students, here’s your official guide to our school, city, and life in medical school.

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WashU’s wellness resources are here to support you in all areas of MD student life—academic, financial, mental, physical, social, and spiritual.

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Offices & contacts

Find out which people and offices provide the service or answer you need.

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Most policies covering medical students are located in the Bulletin. We cover Title IX and Leave of Absence and Withdrawals on our Policies page.

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Other resources

Safety and security

Information about suspicious activity or persons should be reported immediately to Protective Services at 314-362-4357 (HELP). Protective Services also provides a Personal Safety Tipsheet (PDF) and a Suspicious Activities/Persons Tipsheet (PDF). Please visit the Protective Services website for further information about on-campus safety.


Parking & Transportation provides all students with free Metro passes, which provide access to all MetroLink and MetroBus services.

Lactation rooms

We currently have many lactation spaces across the medical campus. Each of the locations provides a private space where nursing mothers are welcome to pump. Rooms are equipped with appropriate signage, a comfortable chair, a small table and an electrical outlet. Some rooms have refrigerators, sinks, pumps and microwaves.

Jury duty service

If you register to vote in the City of St. Louis, you may eventually be called up for jury duty service here or sometimes in your home town. Our office provides a letter requesting a jury duty deferment as the City of St. Louis does not accept a letter requesting an excuse. The City of St. Louis will defer jury duty service for up to 12 months. They send a post card asking the student to provide three dates when they can serve with the 12-month time period. Please be sure to put dates when you can serve as the city is not accepting a second deferral notice from our office. If you are able to serve, it may be in your best interest to go ahead and do so rather than delay it into third year or fourth year when you will have little to no time available due to clerkships or residency interviews. Please email with your assigned juror number to receive a deferment letter. If it is an out of state jury duty, please also send information on where to address the letter (name, address, city, state, etc.).