ACE Inhibitors (WUSM Tennis Club)

The ACE Inhibitors will serve WUSM’s mission statement by promoting the health and wellbeing of trainees, as well as fostering inclusion and connectedness among medical students, other WUSM trainees and students, and faculty across levels. We will accept people of all skill and experience levels and lower the barriers to entry for tennis.

Aerospace Medicine Student & Resident Organization

The Aerospace Medical Student and Resident Interest Group (AMSRO) is the educational branch of the Aerospace Medical Association, the international organization of physicians caring for astronauts, divers, and pilots.

American Medical Association

The WUSM student chapter of the American Medical Association (AMA) serves as a patient and medical student advocate, supports volunteer work in the St. Louis community and sponsors educational events to foster creative discussion among medical students.

American Medical Student Association

AMSA is a student-run national organization dedicated to representing the specific concerns of med students, and advocates policy reform at the national level through political activism and encourages grass-roots activism within each of its local chapter.

American Medical Women’s Association

WUSM’s chapter of AMWA is an organization which functions from the local to international level to advance women in medicine and improve women’s health.

Anesthesiology Interest Group

The Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) is a student organization dedicated to providing medical students with opportunities to learn more about and experience the field of anesthesiology.

Arts Commission

The goal of the WUSM Arts Commission is to foster artistic expression by students, faculty and staff at the medical school in a way that adds richness to the medical school community.

Asian-Pacific American Medical Student Association

APAMSA is dedicated to advocating quality health care for the Asian-Pacific American (APA) community, increasing awareness of APA health issues, providing outreach opportunities for APA med students, and celebrating diversity of Asian cultures.

Association of Women Surgeons

The AWS group would focus on bringing together female students with an interest in surgery and female surgical residents and faculty. Through presentations, panel discussion, and mixers, we hope to give students the chance to learn from the unique experience.

Cardiovascular Interest Group

The purpose of the Cardiovascular Interest Group (CVIG) is to foster interest in and broaden students’ exposure to cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery.

Catholic Medical Student Association

Catholic Medical Student Association (CMSA) is a student group on the medical campus that serves to unite Catholic students with resources, Catholic faculty, and other Catholic students across degree programs.

CHOICES for Youth in Detention

CHOICES (Choosing Healthy Options In our Community, Environment, and Schools) for Youth in Detention is an innovative outreach effort dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of incarcerated teens.

Christian Medical Association

Christian Medical Association (CMA) is a gathering place for students, international students & scholars, residents, and faculty in the School of Medicine, and is the Washington University chapter of the national organization CMDA.

Clinical Research Journal Club

A regularly-meeting group to discuss the latest and greatest in clinical research, for students to learn about the frontiers of medicine and to hone their skills in analyzing clinical research. CRJC

Cori Society

The Societies were formed to facilitate interactions between medical students and faculty outside the classroom. Cori Society.

Culinary Medicine Program

The Culinary Medicine Program is the nutrition branch of the Health Outreach Programs (HOPS). Medical students lead a course at Lifewise about healthy eating. Additionally, culinary medicine hosts talks about nutrition related topics.

Dermatology Interest Group

The Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) was founded in order to provide medical students with opportunities to explore the field of dermatology throughout their medical education.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The purpose of the Washington University Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) is to foster interest in and provide information pertaining to the field of emergency medicine. The group sponsors a variety of activities, including SimWars and workshops.

ENT Interest Group

The ENT/Otolaryngology Interest Group (ENTIG) aims to foster appreciation and interest in the vast scope of work done by Ear, Nose and Throat specialists. Join us for opportunities to network and learn more.

Erlanger Graham Society

The Societies were formed to facilitate interactions between medical students and faculty outside the classroom. Erlagner Graham Society

Family Medicine Interest Group

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is dedicated to promoting primary care and family medicine at WashU. We host lunch talks, networking events, and offer shadowing opportunities throughout the year.

Flying Disc Club

This club provides a great way to balance studies with outdoor, bonding time with classmates. It is also an opportunity for many to try a new sport as St. Louis has 55 disc golf courses, many in close proximity.

Gastroenterology Interest Group

The Gastroenterology Interest Group (GIIG) is a student interest group focused on the field of Gastroenterology. Our goals include exposing medical students to GI and facilitating relationships with faculty.

Geriatrics Outreach Group

The Geriatrics Outreach Group fosters interest in geriatric medicine, engages in community outreach with local older adult organizations, and partners with the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center for the Dementia Understanding Opportunities program.

Global Health & Medicine

Global Health & Medicine (GH&M) is WUSM’s global health related student group. GH&M exposes medical students to a career in global health through its annual symposium, close interactions with global health faculty, and seminar opportunities.

Graduate Professional Council

GPC represents and advocates for all 7,000+ graduate and professional students at WashU, and organizes campus-wide events encourage interschool and interdisciplinary cooperation within the university.

Health Career Collaborative

The Mission of the Health Career Collaborative is to provide mentorship, engaging health curriculum, and exposure to health careers to high school students from underrepresented minority communities.

Health Economics and Policy Interest Group

The Health Economics and Policy Interest Group and the Students for a National Health Program (HEPIG/SNaHP) are dedicated to teaching our medical school class about the changing landscape of healthcare economics and public policy.

Health Outreach Programs (HOPS)

Health Outreach Programs (HOPs) are committed to advocating for and partnering with the St. Louis community to improve health care outcomes, particularly among the underserved, by providing community-based health screenings and nutrition education course.

Hippocratic Forum

The mission of the Hippocratic Forum ( is: “to transform healthcare at the individual level by providing medical doctors and trainees the tools to aim for higher ideals, form meaningful relationships, and find space for reflection and recollection.” Our specific aims to enhance student life at WashU are: (1) Build community among WashU medical trainees interested in the topic of ideals in medicine; (2) Provide a space for WashU medical trainees to explore ways of cultivating a deeper sense of meaning, mastery, and enjoyment in our professional and personal lives.


Hippocrene is an arts magazine by and for the students, staff, and faculty of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (WUSM) and the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS).

Histones a Cappella

The Histones is the medical campus a cappella group of made up of graduate and professional students who love to sing for fun.

Infectious Disease Interest Group (IDIG)

IDIG provides medical students with opportunities to learn about and explore careers in adult and pediatric infectious disease.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

The IHI is an interdisciplinary organization that includes students from WUSM and STLCOP and aims to educate and involve students in issues of patient safety, quality improvement, medical culture, and person and family-centered care.

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) is a student interest group focused on the broad field of Internal Medicine and its associated subspecialties, exposing med students to the field and facilitating relationships between students and physicians.

Jewish Medical Student Association (JMSA)

Wash U’s Jewish Medical Student Association (JMSA) serves as a resource for current and prospective med students, connecting Jewish students with one another, with Jewish faculty and with other Jewish graduate students.

Krebs Cyclers

WUSM Krebs Cyclers club aims for bike enthusiasts of all abilities to come together and ride. Promoting fitness and team spirit, this organization has bimonthly rides around St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is a national student group whose vision is to unite and empower medical students through service, mentorship and education, advocating for the health of the Latino community.


The mission of the LGBTQ Med group is to improve health care for LGBTQ patients. We work toward this goal by educating medical students on health disparities in this population and the factors that affect LGBTQ access to care and quality of care.


LouHealth partners with local organizations in support of their ongoing advocacy efforts. Specifically, we focus on advocacy related to three areas: Health access and equity, criminal justice reform, and intimate partner violence survivor support.

Lowry Moore Society

The Societies were formed to facilitate interactions between medical students and faculty outside the classroom. Lowry Moore Society

Med-Peds Interest Group

The Med-Peds Interest Group strives to increase awareness of Medicine and Pediatrics as a combined specialty, facilitate interaction between students and Med-Peds faculty, and provide opportunities for shadowing and research.


MedBall is an annual formal gala held in March, featuring dinner and a night full of dancing and fun for med students and faculty. This event is a unique forum to promote interaction between faculty and med students outside the classroom and hospital.

Medical Ethics Student Society

The purpose of the Medical Ethics Student Society (MESS) at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is to foster interest in and provide WashU medical students opportunities to explore bioethics, clinical ethics, research ethics, and more. This group aims to help students learn how ethical thinking is integrated in a medical career, connect with faculty performing ethics/philosophical research, provide networking opportunities, and more. MESS sponsors several activities, including invitations to grand rounds, ethics journal clubs, speakers, and more.

Medical French

Medical French encourages medical students to build and maintain French conversational skills, develop an appreciation for Francophone cultures, and interact with French-speaking healthcare professionals and patients in St. Louis and abroad.

Medical Genetics Interest Group

Specialty interest group for students exploring Medical Genetics as a future sub-specialty or research focus, or who just want to gain experience shadowing in the clinical environment and interacting with trainees and faculty members in the field.

Medical Muslim Students Association

Official Muslim Students Association for affiliates of Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine.

Medical School Musical

Medical students at Washington University School of Medicine produce and perform fully staged, choreographed, and orchestrated Broadway musicals. Medical School Musical.

Medical Student Government

Founded in 1992, Medical Student Government (MSG) is the main communication pathway between the student body and the administration.

Medical Students for Choice

Medical Students For Choice is an organization that aims to educate WUSM students about contraception and abortion, as well as encourage them to explore their personal beliefs about the full range of reproductive rights.

Narrative Medicine Interest Group

The Narrative Medicine Interest Group circles around the idea of story that plays at many levels within healthcare and medicine, through exploration of humanities and medicine, literature and close listening, and reflective writing.

Neurosurgery Interest Group

The purpose of the Neurosurgery Interest Group is to provide a forum for students to explore their interests in the broad field of neurosurgery, and to foster interaction between senior faculty and the student body.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group (OGIG)

The purpose of the Ob/Gyn Interest Group is to foster interest in and provide information pertaining to the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Oncology Interest Group

The purpose of the Oncology Interest Group (OIG) is to foster interest and create awareness of clinical practice and research in oncology, providing many diverse pathways in the practice of medicine through medical, radiation, and surgical oncology.

Ophthalmology Interest Group

The purpose of the Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG) is not only to foster interest in ophthalmology but also to provide medical students with a better understanding of the specialty.

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group

OSIG provides students with an opportunity to learn about orthopedic surgery and interact with current residents and attendings. Throughout the year, OSIG hosts various events, ranging from resident panels to interactive procedure nights where students learn to work with tools and perform mock procedures. We also facilitate abundant shadowing opportunities to allow students to explore the field and learn from residents. OSIG strives not only to give students exposure to orthopedic surgery, but also to further their interest in the field.

Pediatric Interest Group (PIG)

The Pediatric Interest Group (PIG) serves to broaden students’ exposure to the field of pediatrics, improving awareness of the specialties and career opportunities that exist within this broad division of medicine.

Pediatric Life Savers

We teach CPR classes to the families of infants in the NICU of St. Louis Children’s Hospital so that these primary caretakers learn how to respond to certain medical emergencies prior to taking their infants home. Pediatric Life Savers

Perinatal Project

The goal of the Perinatal Project is to provide opportunities for interested students to explore the fields of obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine, and the patient experience through relationships with expectant mothers staying in the antepartum unit.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Interest Group

The PM&R interest group was formed to expose medical students to this exciting specialty.

Plastic Surgery Interest Group

The Plastic Surgery Interest Group aims to broaden student exposure to Plastic Surgery as an innovative and essential specialty.


PsychSIGN provides medical students with an opportunity to learn about psychiatry and interact with current residents and attendings.

Radiology Interest Group (RIG)

The Radiology Interest Group (RIG) is committed to fostering interest in radiology among all medical students.

Science and Healthcare Abilities Coalition (SHAC)

WUSM SHAC aims to create a community by and for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses and their allies.

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

The Student Interest Group in Neurology organizes and sponsors a wide range of activities for students interested in learning more about careers in neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is the nation’s oldest and largest student organization focused on the needs and concerns of medical students of color.

Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students (SPOTS)

The Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students (SPOTS) group works with SLU med students to teach local middle- and high-school students about early detection of and preventative measures against skin cancer.

Surgery Interest Group (SIG)

The Surgery Interest Group (SIG) is sponsored by the Department of Surgery with an aim of allowing students to learn more about surgery as a career before clinical rotations begin.

Sustainability Group

WUSM Sustainability works to promote and achieve greater sustainability in WUSM and the greater medical school community through initiatives (e.g. reusable anatomy gloves), educational interventions (e.g. Climate Change series), and collaboration.

Urology Interest Group (UIG)

The Urology Interest Group (UIG) is dedicated to providing medical students with opportunities to learn about and experience the unique field of Urology. Throughout the year, UIG will provide students with: opportunities to interact with Urology faculty and residents, information about the various areas of specialization within Urology, guidance on how to prepare resumes for application into Urology residency, and surgical technique practice in dedicated skills labs. UIG hopes to broaden student exposure to the field, while providing opportunities for mentorship and research.

Vascular Surgery Interest Group

The goal of the VSIG organization is to provide information and hands-on experience to medical students regarding the field of vascular surgery. This will include surgical skills sessions, presentations from residents and faculty covering contemporary vascular surgery, as well as promoting an interface between medical students and faculty to discuss the trajectory for students interested in pursuing this field.

WashU Student Health Educators

WSHE provides comprehensive health education to St. Louis high school students. We use a near-peer teaching model to cover topics such as mental health, nutrition, substance abuse, sexuality, STIs and contraception, and relationships.

Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG) provides opportunities for medical students to connect with nature and learn about wilderness medicine through outdoor adventures, procedure workshops, and participation in a MedWAR challenge.

WUMS Plus One

WUMS Plus One is a student-led initiative dedicated to supporting and strengthening the vibrant community of Washington University medical students with partners, spouses, or families.

WUSM Dance

WUSM Dance is a free-flowing community of medical students with a passion for dance and music.

WUSM Film Society

The purpose of WUSM Film Society is to celebrate interdisciplinary learning and critical discussion of medically relevant issues through the medium of film, documentary, and video screenings.


Wash U School of Medicine Gaming Club! Organized by medical students to provide opportunities to play video games and board games with each other and faculty.

WUSM Martial Arts Club

This club will promote student well-being and build relationships through the community of martial arts! Practicing martial arts is an ancient tradition that has arguably never been more popular. People pursue martial arts for a variety of reasons: self-defense, a great workout, a sense of community, and spiritual release. This club would like to serve both beginners and advanced practitioners of martial arts. We hope to host introductory classes from various forms of martial arts (BJJ, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai to name a few) as well as negotiate discounts and facilitate gym relationships for students actively seeking a place to practice their desired martial art.

WUSM Mindfulness

WUSM Mindfulness holds group practice sessions for mindfulness.

WUSM Music in Medicine Initiative

The WUSM Music in Medicine Initiative is an organization composed of medical students who perform music as a form of community service. We perform regularly for patients at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, STL Children’s Hospital, and more!

WUSM Sustainability

WUSM Sustainability works to promote and achieve greater sustainability in WUSM and the greater medical school community through initiatives (e.g. reusable anatomy gloves), educational interventions (e.g. Climate Change series), and collaboration.

WUSM Wine Society

The WUSM Wine Society seeks to foster an appreciation for and knowledge of the art of wine-making and wine-tasting. Through various educational lessons, the Wine Society aims to bring students together to learn about various types of wine, how to taste and identify tasting notes, and develop their wine palates.

Yoga Club

The purpose of the Yoga Club is simple: provide students with a convenient and affordable way to slow down a bit and work yoga into our busy, medicine-driven lives.