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ACE Inhibitors (WUSM Tennis Club)

The ACE Inhibitors will serve WUSM’s mission statement by promoting the health and wellbeing of trainees, as well as fostering inclusion and connectedness among medical students, other WUSM trainees and students, and faculty across levels. We will accept people of all skill and experience levels and lower the barriers to entry for tennis.

Aerospace Medicine Student & Resident Organization

The Aerospace Medical Student and Resident Interest Group (AMSRO) is the educational branch of the Aerospace Medical Association, the international organization of physicians caring for astronauts, divers, and pilots.

AI In Medicine

AI in Medicine, AIM, is a student-led organization dedicated to advancing the understanding and integration of artificial intelligence in medicine. Our mission is to foster an interdisciplinary community of scholars passionate about AI, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to revolutionize the healthcare sector. We aim to stimulate intellectual curiosity and provide practical AI education through workshops, guest lectures, research projects, and discussions about ethical considerations in AI in medicine.

At WashU, AIM serves as an enriching platform that enhances student life by cultivating a space for innovation, collaboration, and professional growth. We believe that the future of medicine is intertwined with the capabilities of AI and it is essential for the next generation of medical professionals to be well-versed in this field. By participating in our club, students will have the opportunity to stay at the forefront of emerging medical technology trends, build valuable networks with like-minded peers and professionals, and contribute to cutting-edge research. Through these experiences, AIM strives to empower WashU School of Medicine students to become pioneering leaders in the intersection of AI and healthcare.

American Medical Association

The WUSM student chapter of the American Medical Association (AMA) serves as a patient and medical student advocate, supports volunteer work in the St. Louis community and sponsors educational events to foster creative discussion among medical students.

American Medical Student Association

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a student-run national organization dedicated to representing the specific concerns of med students, and advocates policy reform at the national level through political activism and encourages grass-roots activism within each of its local chapter.

American Medical Women’s Association

WUSM’s chapter of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is an organization which functions from the local to international level to advance women in medicine and improve women’s health.

Anesthesiology Interest Group

The Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) is a student organization dedicated to providing medical students with opportunities to learn more about and experience the field of anesthesiology.

Art to Heart

The goal of Art to Heart is to foster artistic expression by students, faculty and staff at the medical school in a way that adds richness to the medical school community.

Asian-Pacific American Medical Student Association

The Asian-Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) is dedicated to advocating quality health care for the Asian-Pacific American (APA) community, increasing awareness of APA health issues, providing outreach opportunities for APA med students, and celebrating diversity of Asian cultures.

Association of Women Surgeons

The Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) group would focus on bringing together female students with an interest in surgery and female surgical residents and faculty. Through presentations, panel discussion, and mixers, we hope to give students the chance to learn from the unique experience.