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Since 2001, we’ve assisted hundreds of medical students find and participate in fully funded research at WUSM.

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The Office of Medical Student Research and Scholarship (OMSR) is a centralized office designed to help medical students who wish to participate in research; we serve as the initial contact point for medical students who are interested in exploring research opportunities.

Under the leadership of Dr. Chung for more than 20 years, the percentage of rising second year medical students (W2 medical students) participating in summer research experiences has increased from 23% to 90%.

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The Office of Medical Student Research and Scholarship is directed by Koong-Nah Chung, PhD, and coordinated by Roz Robinson. Dean Chung plays a crucial role as a liaison between faculty and medical students, and takes an active role in matching medical students with research mentors.

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Koong-Nah Chung, PhD

Koong-Nah Chung, PhD

Associate Dean, Medical Student Research; Director, Office of Medical Student Research and Scholarship; Research Pathway Co-Director

Rosalyn Robinson

Rosalyn Robinson

Project Manager / Research Assistant

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Call: 314-362-6857

Becker Library, Floor 4
600 S. Euclid Ave., CB 8077
St. Louis, MO 63110

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