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The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) combines elements of the MD and PhD into a rigorous training program for future physician scientists. Combining medical training with research rotations, the program is ideal for careers combining research and patient care, most often at academic medical centers, but also at government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms.

MSTP students at Washington University are encouraged to direct their own goals and growth, enjoying a strong support network and access to mentors engaged in careers across the continuum of patient care and research.

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Objectives: To prepare individuals for careers in academic medicine and biotechnology. Students complete Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy degrees with research in a medically relevant field.

Number of Participants: 25 first-year students annually. Approximately 200 students at all levels of the program.

Length of Program: Students complete the first 2 years of the MD curriculum, a minimum of 3 years of original research toward a thesis, and at least 15 months of clinical training. The program may be completed in as little as 6 years, though 7 or 8 years is the norm.

Funding: Tuition and student health fees are paid, in addition to a stipend of $29,500 per year. Funding is provided by the National Institutes of Health, the Olin Foundation, the School of Medicine, and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. International students receive the same level of financial support as U.S. citizens.

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the requirements for admission to the School of Medicine. While no specific undergraduate coursework is required beyond that established by the School of Medicine, individuals should have extensive preparation in their field of interest. The GRE is not required. Competitive applicants will have spent the equivalent of four or more semesters in laboratory research. Although most individuals enter the program at the beginning of their medical studies, medical students in the first or second year at Washington University are encouraged to apply.

Student performance is reviewed annually, and high scholastic achievement is expected.

Application: Students must complete the AMCAS and the Washington University School of Medicine secondary application. Direct inquiries to:

Brian Sullivan
Executive Director of MSTP
voice: 314-362-7458
fax: 314-362-3369
email: briansullivan@wustl.edu
website: mstp.wustl.edu

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