Match Day

Match Day 2021

Match Day 2021 will be on Friday, March 19 and will be a largely virtual event, given the risk to our community as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve.

We encourage our senior medical students to share their photos, videos and match results using the hashtag #WashUMed. We are incredibly proud of you and the work you have done, and we will sincerely miss celebrating with you directly on Match Day.

About Match Day

On Match Day, fourth-year medical students across the country learn where they will begin their residency training. At this much-anticipated celebratory event, graduating medical students open envelopes that reveal where they will spend the next years of their lives training to become surgeons, pediatricians, neurologists or physicians in other specialties. Administered through a national matching program, the event is the culmination of four years of medical school and months of applications and interviews.

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