Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is a national student group whose vision is to unite and empower medical students through service, mentorship and education to advocate for the health of the Latino community. The organization promotes Latino leadership and volunteerism, as well as encouraging recruitment and retention of Latino students at all levels. On a policy level, the LMSA focuses on Latino health issues and the rights of Latinos in healthcare.

The Washington University School of Medicine Chapter is committed to promoting diversity in medicine within our local community by hosting events that promote an open discussion on the topic of diversity and inclusion among students, residents, attendings and other members of the healthcare community. We also organize and participate in health screenings and fairs targeting the underserved Latino community in St. Louis, and we seek to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity in healthcare amongst the WUSM community by encouraging bilingual provider certification and appropriate usage of medical interpreters. We strive to maintain high recruitment of Latino applicants through mentorship of premedical students, educational programs, and involvement in the admissions process at WUSM. Finally, the group supports Latino students in the medical school community on both an academic and a social level.


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