LouHealth was created as a policy and public health advocacy response to COVID-19, and our goal is to have a longitudinal presence in advocating for improvements at the public health and policy level. Our focus is on issues that were exacerbated or exposed by COVID-19, or which contributed to worsening the pandemic.

LouHealth model is to partner with local organizations in support of their ongoing advocacy efforts, both locally and statewide. Specifically, we are focused on advocacy related to three overarching topics – Health Access and Equity, Criminal Justice Reform, and Intimate Partner Violence Survivor Support. Additionally, we have a Media Outreach Team that supports our work in these areas.

With this approach, LouHealth is able to amplify the efforts of its partners as well as develop new advocacy initiatives with their guidance, rather than reinventing the wheel and unnecessarily replicating valuable work that is already being done in the community. In this sense, LouHealth serves as a clearinghouse to connect its advocate base with opportunities to advocate for a healthier St. Louis and to facilitate students’ advocacy efforts through strategy meetings and collaboration. Some of LouHealth’s partner organizations include Missouri Healthcare for All, The Bail Project, and Arch City Defenders. For a complete list of partners, please visit LouHealth’s website.

If you are interested in learning more about LouHealth and how to get involved, please email the LouHealth Directors at louhealthstl@gmail.com.