Med-Peds Interest Group

Med-Peds, or combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, enables physicians to treat patients across the age continuum. Due to incredible advancements, more children with “childhood” health conditions are living into adulthood and due to other societal factors, more “adult” conditions are appearing in children. Med-Peds is a flexible field that allows physicians the ability to navigate our changing healthcare landscape.

The WashU Med-Peds Interest group promotes education on Med-Peds as a possible career field and fosters opportunities for medical students to learn about the many career paths within Med-Peds (in-patient, primary care, specialties, global health, and more!) and to interact with faculty. We host educational events with Med-Peds physicians, including talks on navigating clerkships and residency, case study presentations, and more. This year, we also hope to facilitate shadowing opportunities and relevant hands-on simulations.

Karina Smiley
Kendall Jackson