Radiology Interest Group (RIG)

The Radiology Interest Group (RIG) is committed to fostering interest in radiology among all medical students. Through various activities and resources, we aim to bring students an educational experience that not only broadens their understanding of radiology, but also contribute to their professional development. First, we host educational sessions about the nature of the specialty, career paths, and residency applications, such as hands-on simulation workshops and panel discussions with faculty members. Second, we encourage networking between students and residents/faculty and announce opportunities to establish these relationships by getting involved with shadowing, electives, or research at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR). Please check the MIR education website (link below) for an update list of faculty who are interested in mentoring students. Finally, we inform students of informational resources available beyond the school, including online communities, journals, professional meetings, guides and data on residency, and research fellowships and awards. RIG enables students to gain early exposure and involvement in preparation for a career in radiology. Even for those not planning a career in radiology, RIG fosters appreciation for the critical and diverse roles that radiologists play on the modern health care team.


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