Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG) aims to promote outdoor activities by coordinating group outings, educate medical students in wilderness first aid by facilitating workshops, create opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with faculty members outside of the classroom, and further student networking by encouraging attendance at national wilderness medicine conferences. In addition to organizing an orientation camping trip for the incoming first year medical students, WMIG holds a series of workshops, including workshops on orthopedic injuries, venoms/toxins, diving medicine, and orienteering. In previous years WMIG has sent students to both the Mid-Atlantic Student Wilderness Medicine Conference and the Southeast Student Wilderness Medicine Conference.

WMIG also participates in MedWAR, “a unique event that combines wilderness medical challenges with the growing sport of adventure racing”. In 2012, WMIG sent six teams of three students each to the Midwest event in Michigan, where they hiked/ran, canoed, and swam for over eight hours. Interspersed were several wilderness medicine scenarios including patients injured by lightning, hypothermia, drowning, and stray bullets. The previous year, WMIG participated in the Tennessee MedWAR.


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