Pediatric Interest Group (PIG)

The Pediatric Interest Group (PIG) serves to broaden students’ exposure to the field of pediatrics, improving awareness of the specialties and career opportunities that exist within this broad division of medicine. With little curricular exposure to pediatrics in the first and second years of medical school, our group arranges opportunities that focus on childhood conditions and the effect pediatric illnesses have on the lives of children and their families. We host lunch talks with both physicians and their patients, coordinate shadowing opportunities at the Children’s Hospital, participate in scenarios at the Pediatric Simulation Center, and provide schedules of interesting Rounds. Additionally, we connect students with mentors – both upperclassmen and faculty. Through these efforts, we hope to encourage students to explore a career in pediatrics, caring for patients with long and bright futures ahead of them!


Frances Avila-Soto:
Hana Hajda:
Joshua Greene:
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Karina Smiley:
Amanda Addiego (NICU Cuddlers):
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