Advising & Career Counseling

Pre-clinical advising (2nd Year Students)

Each incoming student is assigned to an Academic Society led by an Advisory Dean. The Advisory Dean is the assigned advisor to those students within that society. The Deans meet 1 on 1 with every 2nd year student each semester. They also hold small group lunches for their Advising Society Group throughout the year, exploring interests within and beyond medicine.

Career Counseling

Third-Year Career Advisors: Each third-year student selects a career advisor in their specialty of interest.

Support and Counseling for Diversity Students: Through the Office of Diversity Programs students and faculty join forces to organize events that foster and celebrate diversity achievement.

At Washington University, the Career Counseling Office guides medical students through the process of choosing specialties, planning curriculum, and applying to residency programs. Washington University medical students are extremely successful in the Match.

More Information

The Career Counseling Office Residency Roadmap website provides advice and further resources for:

  • Choosing a specialty
  • Choosing residency locations
  • Applying for the residency Match
  • Preparing for residency interviews