Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) does not charge tuition to any visiting medical student, as students are required to pay tuition at their home school during the time of the elective rotation. 

All students applying in VSLO who are offered an elective rotation at WUSM must pay a $100 administration fee, which covers costs associated with onboarding, in order to confirm their spot. This fee must be paid within six weeks of the offer or four weeks before the rotation start date (whichever is sooner). 

Please note that the $15 VSLO application fees are paid directly to AAMC, and WUSM is not able to refund those fees for any reason. Since visiting medical students are limited to one four-week elective rotation at WUSM, the Electives Office does not recommend students incur the cost of applying to large numbers of electives in VSLO. 

Lost badges  

Visiting students who misplace their ID badge during their rotation at WUSM are responsible for paying the fee for a replacement badge. 

Funding Opportunities 

Washington University School of Medicine provides funding and networking opportunities for visiting medical students interested in our residency training programs. These programs enhance the exposure of students considering careers in academic medicine to the Washington University Medical Center, while promoting cultural diversity on the medical school campus.  

All fourth-year medical students in good academic standing who are enrolled in medical school in the United States are welcome to apply. Students enrolled in international medical schools are not eligible for funding.  

Students who are members of groups underrepresented or inadequately supported in medical training or who are socioeconomically disadvantaged are particularly encouraged to apply. Program support for participants includes funding to help offset the cost of travel, housing, fees, and other eligible expenses. 

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The WUSM Visiting Student Program undergoes continuous review and improvement, and requirements and processes are subject to change. This page was last updated on October 24, 2023.