Education is everywhere in medicine. Physicians are not only learners and teachers within the medical education system, we are also facilitators of education for our patients and our communities. The same concepts that drive how we educate physicians can be applied in the clinical and community settings to patients. Through the Education Pathway, students will learn about learning science, curriculum development, classroom and clinical teaching skills, assessment and program evaluation. Students will also learn about what it means to be scholarly in education and will have the opportunity to engage in scholarship in education, including educational research.

In Phase 1, students will have the opportunity to learn what it means to be an educator, including why people choose education and what roles educators may have in their careers. Students who elect to participate in the Education Pathway during the 4-week Explore Immersion will learn about and apply the concepts mentioned above to small group teaching projects, which will be completed during the 4 weeks. In Phase 2, student interests will be supported through conference opportunities with members of the education community, mentoring support, and engagement in thinking about project work. In Phase 3, students will have the opportunity to spend time immersing themselves in scholarly projects with an education focus and to take electives that will enhance knowledge and skills in research, leadership and teaching.