Two varieties of EXPLORE electives are available for students in Phase 3

  • Enrichment electives designed to build advanced knowledge and skills with an EXPLORE Pathway of interest
  • Scholarly electives that consist of dedicated time to pursue a scholarly project under the guidance of a faculty mentor

1. Enrichment electives

Your Pathway Leads are your best sources of information about current elective offerings. Contact information is available at the below sites:

Further information regarding enrichment electives for current students is also available in Student Commons (WUSTL Key required).

2. Scholarly electives

Phase 3 students can reserve up to 16 weeks, consecutively or non-consecutively, to pursue a project of interest for credit.

EXPLORE electives for project work are unstructured, providing flexible time for students to pursue their projects under the supervision of one or more mentors. These electives must be pre-approved by the relevant EXPLORE Pathway Lead(s). Additional information and the elective proposal form is available in Student Commons (WUSTL Key required). The signed form must be emailed to the EXPLORE Administrative office ( at least six weeks before the proposed start date.