Finding a Mentor and Project

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Linking up with a project mentor through EXPLORE can be accomplished in several ways. First, if you know a faculty member you want to work with, you can approach that faculty directly. Second, and more often, the process of finding a mentor begins by meeting with the Pathway Lead, who will help you to identify your interest(s) and help match you to a faculty member.

What to consider when looking for a mentor:

  • Research potential mentors so you can truly understand their work. A good starting point is to search for Faculty using the Washington University Profiles website. Faculty members who do not have a primary designation in the medical school may not be listed in Profiles.
  • Think about how faculty work aligns with your interests and goals. Many of our faculty do work that overlaps with the EXPLORE Pathways.

After you’ve done a starter search to identify potential faculty mentors, schedule a meeting with the relevant EXPLORE Pathway Lead:

  • Meeting with the Pathway Leads is a critical step. The Pathway Leads will discuss your potential interests with you and will make further recommendations on faculty mentors based on this discussion.
  • Find the Pathway Leads and their contact information by using the individual Pathway buttons to the left, or, contact EXPLORE at

How to interact with your mentor:

  • Be receptive to instruction and critical feedback
  • Ask questions and indicate when help is needed
  • Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Show appreciation of your mentor’s time and involvement