Recognizing the interactions between yourself and your environment (natural & social), responsibly using available resources, and fostering a safer and healthier environment for others.

We understand the significance of maintaining environmental wellness within the Washington University School of Medicine community. Amidst the demanding academic atmosphere, it’s essential for students to prioritize their relationship with the environment. As part of our commitment to environmental wellness, the school has implemented various initiatives to support this endeavor. These include:

  • WashU Office of Sustainability – Green Event Resources
    • The Office of Sustainability offers a variety of environmentally friendly options for students like their greenware program, which allows students to loan reusable dishware and cutlery. The office will also work with student groups to obtain their green event certification, which helps students implement more sustainable practices by providing a framework and resources.

  • Sustainable Transportation
    • All full-time students can register for a Metro U-Pass for free, which provides free, unlimited rides on the St. Louis metropolitan region’s public transit system. By reducing the need for individual car trips, the U-Pass program can help decrease traffic congestion and air pollution, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment for everyone in the community. It also promotes students’ financial wellness by offering free sustainable transportation options. Your Metro U-Pass also provides discounted prices to many local shops and restaurants. You can learn more about those offers on our financial wellness webpage.
    • Enterprise CarShare – WashU has teamed up with Enterprise to provide car sharing to the campus community to reduce the need for individual car ownership, promote fuel efficient vehicles & encourages the continued use of public transportation. Students are eligible for discounted rates from dedicated spaces across campus.
    • Bike to Campus – Cycling to campus is a free, sustainable and healthy commute option that also provides convenient parking and an easy way to get around campus.