Washington University School of Medicine strives to support all learners, faculty and staff in the academic medical center in providing an environment conducive to learning, research and high-quality patient care. We aspire to a work and learning environment characterized by inclusive excellence, free from behavior that is harassing, threatening or intimidating, where all people witness and experience respect, collegiality and collaboration. All members of our community are responsible for contributing to these goals in the medical center environments of patient care, research and education.

Supporting a Fair Environment (SAFE)

  • Report a concern regarding mistreatment or unprofessional behavior in the learning environment. To report in your native language, call 844-484-5957.
  • Report a positive experience in the learning environment.

Sexual violence

If you have experienced sexual violence, on or off campus, help is available.

Medical student mistreatment

Definitions, expectations for conduct and instructions for reporting student mistreatment are outlined in the school policy Washington University School of Medicine Guidelines for Professional Conduct in Teacher/Learner Relationships and Policy against Medical Student Mistreatment.

Bias, prejudice or discrimination

The university has developed the Bias Report & Support System, through which students, faculty and staff who have experienced or witnessed prejudice or discrimination involving a student can report their experiences.

Other forms of mistreatment

The following university policies provide definitions, standards for conduct and instructions for reporting other forms of misconduct.