Getting personal fulfillment from your job or academic pursuits and contributing to knowledge and skills, while maintaining a work-life balance.

Understanding the demanding nature of the medical profession, especially within the rigorous environment of Washington University School of Medicine, we emphasize the significance of nurturing occupational wellness among our students. Occupational wellness encompasses not only academic success but also personal satisfaction, professional growth, and a sense of purpose in one’s chosen career path.

To support occupational wellness and mitigate stress within this demanding context, the school has implemented measures to foster a healthier work-life balance and promote professional fulfillment. One notable initiative is the adoption of the Gateway Curriculum, which allows students to enter clinical spaces much earlier in their medical training, gaining invaluable experience. Many other forms of occupational support are available, including:

  • General and career advising
    • Annual Specialty Choice Fair – The Career Advising office has partnered with Barnes Jewish Hospital to offer you advice and resources around the process of choosing your medical specialty.  This fun & informative event will have something for everyone, whether you’re still exploring every specialty or are firmly decided on your plans.
  • The Center for Interprofessional Practice & Education
    • The Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education offers a variety of educational and development opportunities for students. The center and its three collaborating institutions help students gain knowledge about health professions, while also providing students with opportunities to connect with organizations across the Washington University Medical School Campus.
  • Gateway Coaching Program
  • Research opportunities
  • Clinical shadowing opportunities

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